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West Lutheran offers several ways for a student to earn college credits and high school credits simultaneously.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are high school courses taught with the same rigor of a college course. Tests are then offered in spring administered through the College Board. Colleges in turn will allow students to receive credits for courses that would have been part of their program depending on the score received. Students are advised to confirm with their future college that these courses/credits can be applied to their degree. West Lutheran AP courses include:

  • AP United States History - 11th grade
  • AP Literature, 2nd semester - 12th grade
  • AP Calculus AB - 12th grade

Online course offered through the Association of Lutheran High Schools include:

  • AP Computer Science - 11th or 12th grade
  • AP Environmental Science - 11th or 12th grade

Post-Secondary Enrollment Opportunities  (PSEO)  are given in cooperation with a college. Credits received here count toward both high school graduation and a college degree.  

Courses taught on campus by West Lutheran faculty who are certified to teach college level courses and are under the supervision of Concordia University, St. Paul include:

  • PSEO World History - 4.0 college credits, 1st semester, 12th grade
  • PSEO Literature - 4.0 college credits, 1nd  semester, 12th grade

Online courses offered as a cohort include the following: 
These online courses are offered through Bethany Lutheran College, but will be taken as a class, in the same classroom, during the same class period, and under the direction of a West Lutheran teacher who teaches in that discipline​.

  • PSEO General Psychology (PSYC 110) – 4.0 college credits, 2nd semester, 11th or 12th grade
  • PSEO American Government (PLSC 105) – 3.0 college credits, 2nd semester, 12th grade

Other online courses offered through Bethany Lutheran College as independent study courses include:

  • PSEO Online College Algebra (MATH 111) - 4.0 college credits, 1st & 2nd semester, 12th grade
  • PSEO Online Statistics (MATH 120) - 3.0 college credits, 1st & 2nd semester, 12th grade
  • PSEO Introduction to Mass Media (COMM 240) - 3.0 college credits, 1st & 2nd semester, 12th grade
  • PSEO Music Appreciation (MUSIC 102) - 3.0 college credits, 1st semester, 12th grade